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Introducing our Celia's Fajita Flour Tortilla, the perfect choice for your next fajita night. Each pack comes with traditional fajita size flour tortillas, made with the finest ingredients and expertly crafted for a delicious and authentic taste. These tortillas are perfect for wrapping up all your favorite fillings, from sizzling steak and peppers to zesty chicken and onions. Whether you're cooking up a fiesta for family and friends or simply craving a taste of Mexico, Celia's Fajita Flour Tortillas are the ideal choice for a mouthwatering meal. Stock up on our pack of 3 and get ready to savor the flavor of these premium quality tortillas.

Celia's Faijita Flour Tortilla (Pack of 3)

  • Pricing of shipping, handling, and taxes vary and will be calculated at checkout based on location and weight.

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