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"At ALTA Foods, we have put significant time and effort into establishing 3 pillars of sustainability (ESG). These pillars are Environmental, Social and Economic."


  • Reducing our carbon footprint

  • Packaging waste reduction

  • Water usage reduction

  • Overall effect on the environment


  • Support and approval of management and employees​

  • Employee retention through adequate pay and benefits in a safe work environment

  • Aware of supply chain responsible sourcing activity and not forced child labor in suppliers


  • To be sustainable, a business must be profitable

  • Profit cannot trump the environmental and social aspects of sustainability 

  • Industry compliance

  • Proper governance

  • Risk management

Pallet Recycling: Repairing damaged pallets for reuse ​

Water Reduction Program ​

Waste Reuse: Animal Feed

LED Lighting: Replaced all lighting with LED

Corrugated Recycling​

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